Reader’s Testimonials

“What a gift you have given! This book that feels like a prayer in my hands will be reread here and there in the following days.”

Tree Spirited Woman feeds one’s soul and invites the reader to look into the mirror of personal reflection. This book is a must read for anyone embarking on a path of spiritual growth.”

“I am on a beautiful journey of self discovery and spirituality. I am three years clean and sober from using meth and I was an alcoholic. I needed your book to help teach me to let go, and trust. I am doing so and am filled with such joy. I am very grateful to you and Tree Spirited Woman for speaking to my soul in such an awesome way.”

Tree Spirited Woman is an enormously moving story told with tremendous clarity, warmth, and love.”

“The reader is transported as an observer and a student — who along with the central character comes to recognize the substantive truths about life from birth, love, self-acceptance, relationships and death.”

Tree Spirited Woman is a gentle story that will keep you turning pages until you are done. I guarantee you, it is the best therapy a woman can have!”

“Your story, insights, and delicate message about life, love and liberation, invited me to ponder the essence of my spirit world, and the powerful connection I have with family, friends and mother earth. I relished your linguistic work of art. ”

“I was hooked after only a few pages. I could not stop reading. A short time later I finished the book. I was stunned by its beauty and power to touch my heart!”

“A wonderful story full of mystical charm, wisdom, and calming comfort. I will return to often, for guidance, knowledge and peacefulness – its message is soothing to the soul and helpful to the heart.”

“I just finish your book, Tree Spirited Woman. I just wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom and giving me the tools I needed right now and throughout the rest of my life. “

“I read Tree Spirited Woman in one sitting. Very moving, engaging mystical tale. It meandered me back through my own early journey of spiritual discovery.”